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Academic Year
Sejong University's academic year begins on March 1 of each calendar year and ends on February 28 of the following year (February 29 in leap years). An academic year is divided into two semesters: Spring Semester-March 1-August 31 and Fall Semester September 1-February 28(29).
The total number of school weeks during an academic year is approximately 32. This total excludes summer and winter vacation periods, national and school holidays, and weekends.
Admission Policies
Freshman applicants must meet ONE of the following criteria for enrollment :
(1) Graduation from high school or a passing score on the Korean government high school equivalency examination.
(2) Regular schooling of at least twelve years in a foreign country.
(3) The university independently decides the details related to admission.
Enrollment Requirements
The residence requirement for a bachelor's degree is four years.
Degree Requirements
1. In general, one credit is awarded for every 15 hours of lecture time in a course.
2. Each semester students must earn a minimum of 10 credits.
3. Students may earn a maximum of 18 credits in a single semester.
4. In physical education courses and lab classes that require practice or laboratory work, 30 hours of class time are required for one credit.
Aside from the provisions described above, students can receive credits by taking special examinations in general education subjects as
specified by Sejong University. However, credits earned through special examinations cannot exceed 12.
5. Credits that students have earned from other universities including universities outside Korea can be transferred.
6. Required Credits for a bachelor's degree: College of Liberal Arts (120), College of Social Sciences (120), College of Business
Administration (120), College of Tourism (120), College of Natural Sciences (130), College of Engineering (130), College of Music, and
Fine Arts and Physical Education (130). A student's GPA must be over 1.75.
7. Students can receive a bachelor's degree within 3 years if their cumulative GPA is over 4.0.
8. Students cannot earn more than 6 credits during summer and winter sessions. Credits earned during summer and winter sessions
cannot exceed 24 credits.
Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Dismissal
Leave of absence
When a student is unable to attend classes for more than four weeks because of illness, military service or other circumstances, the student may take a leave of absence with the approval of the president of Sejong University. The application must be co-signed by the applicant and his or her sponsor. If a request for leave of absence is for medical reasons, official documents from a physician or hospital must be submitted. A student can apply for a leave of absence for one year or one semester. A student may take a leave of absence for a total of 6 semesters. A student approved for a leave of absence prior to the registration dates for a semester shall not be liable for tuition and fees during that semester.
A student who voluntarily withdraws from the Sejong University must submit a document co-signed by his of her sponsor. In addition, failure to submit an application for registration at the beginning of a semester will result in automatic withdrawal from Sejong University.
Reason for Dismissal :
(1) Three consecutive semesters on academic probation (GPA under 1.75)
(2) Failure to complete registration at the beginning of the semester without approval from the president
(3) Failure to re-enter Sejong University following the end of an approved leave of absence
Grading System
Each course normally includes a mid-term examination, a final examination and other examinations. Grades are awarded on the basis of the examinations, class attendance and assignments.
Each student is expected to attend all classes for which he or she has registered unless otherwise excused. Students absent more than 7 hours for a given course may not receive credit. A student drafted into the military prior to the beginning of the mid-term examination period may not receive course credit for that semester.
Sejong University operates under a letter grade system for evaluating academic performance.
Grade Grade Points
A+ 4.5
Ao 4.0
B+ 3.5
Bo 3.0
C+ 2.5
Co 2.0
D+ 1.5
Do 1.0
F, FA 0
In addition to a letter grades listed above, two other symbols are often used on student transcripts. FA indicates failure in a course caused by an excessive number of absences. W indicates that the student has withdrawn with the approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Such withdrawals are possible only within a specific, limited time period after the course has begun and have no effect on a student's grade point average. To remain in good academic standing at the University, each student must maintain a cumulative minimum grade-point average of 1. 75.
Undergraduates displaying academic excellence are recognized on academic records and degrees.
Classification Grade-Point Average
summa cum laude 4.00 and above
magna cum laude 3.75 and above
cum laude 3.50 and above
Classification Grade-Point Average
summa cum laude 4.25 and above
magna cum laude 4.00 and above
cum laude 3.75 and above