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Faculty of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Han, Jeong-Whan

+82-2-3408-3297 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~hanjw
Ph.D., North Carolina State Univ. 1990
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1975
Compound semiconductor physics, IR dectector materials:Hg-based materials & nanostructures, Organic Light-Emitting Devices
Choi, Seok-Rim

+82-2-3408-3298 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~schoi
Ph.D., Iowa State Univ. 1995
M.S., Univ. of California, San Diego 1987
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1985
Analog VLSI Design, Flat Display Panel Driving, Semiconductor Processing
Lim, Jun-Seok

+82-2-3408-3299 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~jslim
Ph.D., Seoul National Univ. 1996
M.S., Seoul National Univ. 1988
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1986
Adaptive Array Signal Processing, Communication Signal Processing, Acoustic Signal Processing
Kwon, Oh-Jin

+82-2-3408-3295 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~ojkwon
Ph.D., Univ. of Maryland at College Park 1994
M.S., Univ. of Southern California 1991
B.S., Hanyang Univ. 1984
Video Analysis and Image Processing
Park, Sang-Sik

+82-2-3408-3733 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~sspark
Ph.D., Seoul National Univ. 1989
M.S., Seoul National Univ. 1986
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1984
Semiconductor Device, image sensor, Optical Device
Lee, Hak-Sung

Ph.D., KAIST 1996
M.S., KAIST 1991
B.S., KAIST 1989
Automatic Control, Learning and Intelligent Control, Soft Computing, Data Mining
LEE Soo-Hong

Ph.D, The Uni.of New South Wales 1991
M.E., Tokyo Institute of Technology 1986
B.E. , Hong Ik University
Solar cell, Epitaxial technology, Semiconductor crystal growth and Solar cell,
Epitaxial technology, Semiconductor crystal growth and characterization,
Poly-Si thin film characterization, Poly-Si thin film
Uh, Hyung-Soo

+82-2-3408-3728 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~hsuh
Ph.D., Seoul National Univ., 1998
M.S., Seoul National Univ., 1994
B.S., Seoul National Univ., 1992
Semiconductor Device and Processing, Field Emission Device
Pang, Hee-Suk

+82-2-3408-3727 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~hspang
Ph.D., Seoul National Univ., 2001
M.S., Seoul National Univ., 1996
B.S., Seoul National Univ., 1994
Audio and Speech Coding, Audio Signal Processing, Music Signal Processing
Shin, Bhum-Jae

Ph.D., Seoul National Univ., 1997
M.S., Seoul National Univ., 1992
B.S., Seoul National Univ., 1990
Display Engineering, Plasma Display Panel(PDP)
Kim, Jeong

Ph.D., Seoul National University, 1998
M.S., Seoul National University, 1991
B.S., Seoul National University, 1989
Solar Cell
Kim, Byung-whan

+82-2-3408-3729 http//dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~bkim/
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995
M.S., Koreal University, 1987
B.S., Korea University, 1985
Plasma Thin Film Process, Optical image processing, Intelligent Control
Kim, Joon-Yub

+82-2-3408-3298 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~jkim
Ph.D., Iowa State Univ. 1995
M.S., Univ. of California, San Diego 1987
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1985
Analog VLSI Design, Flat Display Panel Driving, Semiconductor Processing
Information and Communication Engineering
Lee, Kyung Geun

+82-2-3408-3196 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/kglee
Ph.D., Cornell Univ. 1992
M.S., KAIST 1983
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1981
Internet Protocol, Next Generation Network, Mobile Networking, Network Management, Parallel Processing
Woo, Miae

+82-2-3408-3198 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/~mawoo
Ph.D., Purdue Univ. 1995
M.S., Purdue Univ. 1991
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 1985
Wired and Wireless Networks, Multimedia Communications
Kim, Wooshik

+82-2-3408-3199 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/~wskim
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Georgia I.T., 1991
M.S., Electronics Engineering, Seoul National Univ. 1986
B.S., Electronics Engineering, Seoul National Univ. 1984
Digital Signal Processing, High Speed Communication System,
Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Communications
Moon, Joo-Hee

+82-2-3408-3194 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/jhmoon
Ph.D., KAIST 1992
M.S., KAIST 1987
B.S., Sogang Univ. 1985
Data Compression, Image Coding & Transmission,
Information Theory, Digital TV, MPEG
Song, Hyoung-Kyu

+82-2-3408-3736 http://sdc.sejong.ac.kr
Ph.D., Yonsei Univ. 1996
M.S., Younsei Univ. 1992
B.S., Younsei Univ. 1990
Wireless Communication Systems, Digital Broadcasting Systems
Bae, Jinsoo

+82-2-3408-3735 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/baej
Ph.D., KAIST 1998
M.S., KAIST 1995
B.S., KAIST 1993
Signal Detection, Digital Signal Processing, Channel Coding
Han, Jong-Ki

+82-2-3408-3739 http://msp.sejong.ac.kr
Ph.D., KAIST 1999
M.S., KAIST 1994
B.S., KAIST 1992
Video Coding, H.264, SVC(Scalable Video Codec), DVC, Transcoder
Lee Joon-Ho

+82-2-3408-3195 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/joonhlee
Ph.D., POSTECH 1999
M.S., POSTECH 1996
B.S., POSTECH 1994
Signal Processing, Wireless Communication
Lee, Seongjoo

+82-2-3408-3831 http://itsoc.sejong.ac.kr
Ph.D., Yonsei Univ. 2002
M.S., Yonsei Univ. 1998
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 1993
SoC design for wired/wireless communications,
SoC design for Image Signal Processor,
SoC sesign for H.264/MPEG Encoder/Decoder,
Noise estimation and reduction for Video Signals
Kim, Moo Young

Ph.D., Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, 2004
M.S., Yonsei Univ. 1995
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 1993
Speech Signal Processing(Speech Coding, Synthesis, Recognition, Enhancement),
Source Coding, Channel Coding, Information Theory,
Audio-visual communication systems
Hyung Seok Kim

+82-70-7137-1237 http://www.mineslab.com
Ph.D., Seoul National Univ. 2004
M.S., Seoul National Univ. 1998
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1996
Wireless L2/L3 system, WiBro(Mobile Wimax), Networked Embedded System,
Sensor network/RFID, Personal Area Network
Yeo, Woon-Young

+82-2-3408-3698 http://iceberg.sejong.ac.kr/wyyeo
Ph.D., KAIST 2005
M.S., KAIST 1998
B.S., KAIST 1996
3G/4G wireless access network, Radio resource management,
Wireless protocol design, Cross-layer perfomance optimization
Lee, Woo-Jin

Ph.D., Soongsil Univ. 2007
M.S., Soongsil Univ. 2002
B.S., Soongsil Univ. 2000
Software Engineering, Ubiquitous Computing
Optical Engineering
Hyun Kyung-Sook

+82-2-3408-3792 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~ocl/
Ph.D., KAIST 1992
M.A., KAIST 1989
B.A., Seoul Univ. 1987
Optoelectronics, IR Detectors, LED, Semiconductor Physics
Moon, Hee-jong

Ph.D., Seoul National Univ. 2007
M.A., Seoul National Univ. 2002
B.A., Seoul National Univ. 2000
Laser Engineering, Microcavity Laser, Optoelectronics
Kim, Kyoung-Youm

Ph.D., Seoul Nat'l Univ. 2002
M.S., Seoul Nat'l Univ. 1999
B.S., Seoul Nat'l Univ. 1997
Nano-optics, Nano-electronics, Optical Communications
Kwon, Min-Suk

Ph.D., KAIST, 2005
M.S., KAIST, 2000
B.S., KAIST, 1998
Electrical Engineering
Kim, Jong-Ryeol

Ph.D., KAIST, 2000
M.S., Seoul National Univ., 1989
B.S., Seoul National Univ., 1987
Semiconductor Photonic Devices and Systems, Photonic Integrated Circuits,
Micro-optic Devices, Optical Display
Kim, A-jung

Ph.D., Northwestern Univ. 1996
M.S., Northwestern Univ. 1995
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1988
Information theory, cryptographic system, optical communication devices and systems
Park, Ki-Hwan

Ph.D., Univ. of Tokyo Institute Technology 1998
M.S., Univ. of Korea 1991
B.S., Univ. of Korea 1989
Optical communication system and network
Kim, Taegeun

Ph.D., Virginia Tech. 2000
M.S., Virginia Tech. 1997
B.E., Kyung Hee Univ. 1996
3D display, Holography, Optical Imaging System
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Han, Dongil

+82-2-3408-3751 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~dihan/
Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 1995
M.A., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 1990
B.A., Korea Univ. 1988
Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Digital TV, System on Chip
Kook, Hyung Joon

+82-2-3408-3238 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~kook/
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1989
M.S., University of South Carolina at Columbia, 1983
B.S.E., Seoul Natioanl University, 1979
Artificial Intelligence
Kim, Kyung-Joong

+82-2-3408-3838 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~kimkj
Ph.D., Yonsei Univ. 2007
M.S., Yonsei Univ. 2002
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 2000
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Game, Bioinformatics
Kim, Yung Bok

+82-2-3408-3236 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~yungbkim
Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology 1990
MSEE, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) 1981
BSEE, Seoul National University 1978
Computer Network, Performance Analysis, Mobile Internet,
Unified and Ubiquitous Information Network
Na, Joong Chae

+82-2-3408-3839 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~jcna
Ph.D., Seoul National University 2005
M.Eng., Seoul National University 2000
B.Eng., Seoul National University 1998
Algorithm, Theory of Computation, Bioinformatics
Noh, Yong-duk

Ph.D. Auburn University, 1987
M.S. Auburn University, 1984
B.A. Seoul National University, 1976
Computer Graphics, Simulation
Moon, Seungbin

+82-2-3408-3243 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~sbmoon
Ph.D., Purdue Univ., 1993
M.S., Univ. of Michigan, 1988
B.S., Myungji Univ. 1985
Park, Gi-Ho

+82-2-3408-3886 http://ce.sejong.ac.kr/~ghpark
Ph. D., Dept. of Computer Science, Yonsei University, 2000
M.S., Dept. of Computer Science, Yonsei University, 1995
B.S., Dept. of Computer Science, Yonsei University, 1993
Computer Architecture, Embedded System, Processor Design, Low-power Design
Park, Taesoon

Ph.D., Texas A&M Univ. 1994
M.S., Texas A&M Univ. 1989
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1987
Computer Science
Song, Sang-hoon

+82-2-3408-3239 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~song/
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1992
M.S., KAIST, 1979
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 1977
Distributed System, Parallel Processing, VLSI testing
Shin, Dongkyoo

+82-2-3408-3242 http://www2.sejong.ac.kr/~shindk
Ph.D., Texas A&M Univ. 1997
M.S., Illinois Institute of Tech. 1992
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1986
Multimedia Application, XML based System, Context Aware System
Shin, Dong-il

+82-2-3408-3241 http://www2.sejong.ac.kr/~dshin
Ph.D., Univeersity of North Texas, 1997
M.S., Washington State University, 1993
B.S., Yonsei University, 1988
Computer Science
Yang, Hyo-Sik

+82-2-3408-3840 http://ce.sejong.ac.kr/~hsyang
Ph.D., Arizona State Univ. 2005
M.S., Arizona State Univ. 2000
B.E., Myongji Univ. 1998
WDM network, Ad-hoc network, Substation automation
Yang, Sun Ok

Ph.D., Korea Univ. 2006
M.A., Korea Univ. 2002
B.A., Korea Univ. 1995
Mobile Network
Choi, Ok-kyung

+82-2-3408-4059 http://okwow.net
Ph.D., ChungAng Univ. 2006
M.A., ChungAng Univ. 1999
B.A., Dankook Univ. 1996
Intelligent Web Services Framework based on QoS Matchmaking and Rule-based Markup Language
Kim, Cheonshik

+82-2-3408-3837 http://lang.humanfuture.co.kr
Ph.D., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. 2003
M.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. 1997
B.A., Anyang University. 1996
Database & Pattern Recognition & Image Processing
Digital Contents
Kim, Dong-hyun

Ph.D., Osaka Univ. 1991
M.A., Osaka Univ. 1988
B.A., Yonsei Univ. 1983
Game, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality
Baik, Sung-Wook

+82-2-3408-3798 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~sbaik/
Ph.D., George Mason Univ. 1999
M.S., Northern Illinois Univ. 1992
B.S., Seoul National Univ. 1987
Computer Vision, Computer Game, Data Mining
Kim, Won-il

+82-2-3408-3795 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~wikim
Ph.D., Syracuse University. 2000
M.S., Southern Illionois University. 1990
B.A., Southern Illinois University. 1987
B.S., Hanyang University. 1982
Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm,
Intelligent Systems, Storyline Generation, Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Character
Lee, Jong-Weon

+82-2-3408-3798 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~jwlee
Ph.D., Univ. of Southern California 2002
M.S., Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 1991
B.S., Ohio Univ. 1989
Computer Science
Choeh, Joon-Yeon

+82-2-3408-3887 http://zoon.sejong.ac.kr
Ph.D., KAIST 2007
M.A., KAIST 1998
B.A., KAIST 1996
Intelligent Systems, Data Mining
Kwon, Soon-il

Ph.D., Univ. of Southern California 2005
M.S., Univ. of Southern California 2000
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 1998
Audio and Speech Processing, Speech Recognition, Speaker Recognition, HCI
Song, Oh-young

+82-2-3408-3830 http://dansan.sejong.ac.kr/~oysong
Ph.D., Seoul National University. 2004
M.A., Seoul National University. 2000
B.A., Seoul National University. 1998
Computer Graphics
Park, Sang-Il

+82-2-3408-3832 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~sipark
Ph.D., KAIST, 1999
M.S., KAIST, 1999
B.S., Yonsei University, 1997
Computer Graphics
Software Engineering
Kim, Yong-kuk

+82-2-3408-3759 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~ykim
Ph.D., Cambridge Univ. 1997
M.A., Korea Univ. 1984
B.A., Korea Univ. 1982
HCI, Facial Expression Recognition, Computational Vision
Taekyoung Kwon

+82-2-3408-3758 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~tkwon
Ph.D., Yonise Univ. 1999
M.S.,Yonsei Univ. 1995
B.S., Yonsei Univ. 1992
Computer Science, Information Security, Applied Cryptography, Computer Networks
No, Jaechun

Ph.D., Syracuse Univ. 1999
M.A., Western Illinois Univ. 1993
B.A., Ewha Womans Univ. 1985
Computer System, Embedded Software
Moon Hyeon-joon

+82-2-3408-3874 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~hmoon
State Univ. of New York at Buffalo Ph.D. 1999
State Univ. of New York at Buffalo M.S. 1992
Korea University B.S. 1990
Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Processing
Yoo, Seong-Joon

+82-2-3408-3755 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~sjyoo
Ph.D., Syracuse Univ. 1996
M.S., Korea Univ. 1990
B.S., Korea Univ. 1982
Information Retrieval, Database
Kim, Hae-Kwang

+82-2-3408-3757 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~hkkim
Ph.D in Computer Science, Paul-sabatier University, France in 1997
D.E.A in Computer Science, Paul-sabatier University, France in 1994
B.S. In Electronics Engineering, Hanyang University in 1986
Multimedia information processing
Kim, Moon-hyun

+82-2-3408-3756    http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~mhkim
Ph.D.,INSA de LYON,France 1980
M.Eng. INSA de LYON,France 1977
B.Eng. Seoul National University 1969
Computer Software, Computer Graphics, Digital Economics,
Project Management Systems
Choi, Soo-mi

+82-2-3408-3754 http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~smchoi
Ph.D., Ewha Univ. 2001
M.A., Ewha Univ. 1995
B.A., Ewha Univ. 1993
Computer Graphics, Virutal Reality
Internet Engineering
Park, Woo-chan

+82-2-3408-3752 http://rayman.sejong.ac.kr
Ph.D., Yonsei Univ. 2000
M.A., Yonsei Univ. 1995
B.A., Yonsei Univ. 1993
Graphics Processor, Computer Architecture, ASIC Design
Lee, Yung-Lyul

+82-2-3408-3753 http://dms.sejong.ac.kr
Ph.D., KAIST 1998
M.S., Sogang Univ. 1987
B.S., Sogang Univ. 1985
Digital Image Processing, Video Coding
Lim, Chae-Hoon

+82-2-3408-3738    http://dasan.sejong.ac.kr/~chlim
Ph.D., POSTECH, 1996
M.A., POSTECH, 1992
B.A., Seoul National University, 1989
Cryptography and Network Security