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1. General Reading Room (Basement & 1st Floor)
Open daily, 24 hours a day
2.Electronic Information Room, Circulation Room & Assignment Room (2nd Floor)
The Electronic Information Room has 186 multimedia computers, 25 TV/VTR, audio-visual materials for language practice, and a user’s education room. There are computers for searching online databases, electronic journals and CD-ROMs. The Circulation Room manages library materials. The Assignment Room houses reference books to aid students with assignments. Materials may be photocopied.
3. Reference & University Publications Reading Room (3rd Floor)
The Reference and University Publication Reading Room houses encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks and statistical reports. The library was designated a WTO, ADB depository library in 2000 and in 2001. There are a number of WTO, ADB publications available. Materials may be photocopied.
4. Periodicals Reading Room (4th Floor)
The Periodicals Reading Room subscribes to various domestic and international periodicals, scholarly journals and newspapers. In addition, there are several international periodicals provided by international organizations. Materials may be photocopied.
5. Social Science Reading Room (5th Floor)
The Social Science Reading Room houses the latest publications and reading materials for student use. Photocopiers are available.
6. Language & Literature Reading Room (6th Floor)
Students can find language (400) and literature (800) monographs in this room. Students may search the online catalog to find books and other material. Students can borrow books on the second floor at the circulation desk. Photocopiers are available in the room.
7. Humanities Reading Room (7th Floor)
The Humanities Reading Room holds a number of books on philosophy (100), religion (200), education (370), geography & history (900). Students may check out books at the circulation desk on the second floor. Photocopiers are also available.
8. Natural Science Reading Room (8th Floor)
Materials on natural Science (500) and applied science (600~640, 660~690) are located in the Natural Science Reading Room. Students may check out materials on the second floor at the circulation desk. Photocopiers are also available.
9. Arts Reading Room (9th Floor)
The Arts Reading Room houses monographs on arts (700) and related subjects. Students may check out materials on the second floor at the circulation desk.
10. Storage Stacks (10th Floor)
The storage stacks on the tenth floor house rarely used books.
(English) http://library.sejong.ac.kr/dliweben/